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Roy Romsey

Hello, Thanks for dropping by to read some of my tales, I hope you are enjoying them and will continue to come back to read more.
     Meanwhile, you have clicked onto my ‘About’ page, which means you are looking for some info ‘About’ me.

Well, my name’s Roy Romsey - end of story.

You want more?
OK. Here goes.

      Whilst I think I am an average kind of guy, it seems that others think differently, probably because of my varied career path : - hotel management, bush cook, crocodile hunter, English teacher, photographer, designer, entrepreneur... 
     For years friends have have been urging me to write down some of my stories - I have finally succumbed. 
     I have an insatiably sense of curiosity – always questioning and being inquisitive about things - I should have been a cat. (my favourite animal).
     As a child, the idea that the world had so many different countries, peoples, foods, and customs was quite beyond my small-town comprehension. And so, at the age of 17 I ran away to sea on a 14 metre fishing boat to Portugal to discover the world for myself – see stories No 8 and No 9.
    Although travel is an important part of my life, it's the incidents en-route that makes it so enjoyable - my stories usually relate incidents encountered whilst travelling alone or with my wife Jean.
    Any life well lived is an adventure
     An adventure is any unusual or perhaps exciting experience. For some it might be crossing a desert on a camel, but equally it could be be going on a blind date or missing the last bus home. Some adventures just happen and others are made to happen. The important thing it to always enjoy the experience and keep a sense of humour no matter what.

      I had my first big adventure at the age of three when I fell off a bridge into a river, the first of many waterborne escapades.
 Life had been a series of adventures.
  Filling the gaps

     Between nomadic meanders, I enjoy d.i.y projects, working with wood. listening to traditional Jazz, photography, desktop publishing, browsing the internet for information and watching TED Talks. 
   I'm a firm believer that the 'road of life' is lined with doors of opportunity just waiting to be opened. It is important to always remain positive and to keep an open mind.  

  The latest News
    Having recently recovered from the big ‘C’ I can’t wait to get back on the road again.

   In the meantime, I've made good use of my enforced vacation, by writing up my short stories and helping others to collate their memoirs.
      Leave me a comment - it might encourage me to write more. 

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  1. Oh ,it's good to read your stories again Roy. The obvious thing is that you enjoy thoroughly the roughs and smooths of all and every encounter you make along your path , Then you encapsulate it in such a positive way expressed with humour.
    All good wIshes for Christmas and a Healthy and Hopeful New Year to you both. Ann Matthews



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